Children’s menu

Families with children are our very important guests. That is why we want in our restaurant comfortably feel both adults and toddlers.

To do this properly have composed dishes to the menu for children enriched with freshly squeezed juices. For children we prepared a special set of china and cutlery. Functional menu acts as pads plate and coloring – created by a local artist. The bar is also a large box of toys, where little ones entertaining their time in anticipation of a meal.

We cordially invite all families with children.


Main dish

  • Celebrity Łasuch- tenderloin breaded chicken, chips, salad: 13.00 zł
  • Merry last – with mini Karotka and sesame seeds: 13.00 zł
  • Potato pancakes (4 pcs) with sour cream and salad: 10.00 zł
  • Grillowna chicken breast with potatoes and salad: 13.00 zł

Drinks and desserts:

  • Fresh juices 250ml:
    – Orange: 10.00 zł
    – Carrot: 7.00 zł
    – Apple: 7.00 zł
  • Hot chocolate: 8.00 zł
  • Two scoops of ice cream with topping: 8.00 zł

* Children’s meals are available for children only

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