Our hotel organize:

  • occasional meetings
  • weddings, christenings, communions
  • events for organized groups
  • corporate events and integration
  • other (in according to specific customer requirements)


THE PRICE: 110 zł/person

The price includes: the selected menu, the room rental and the service.

  • Children under 2 years old: free.
  • Children under 10 years old: 50% discount.

I. Lunch:

  • chicken soup with noodles
  • pork chop stuffing with company farmhouse
  • breaded chicken cutlet
  • potatoes
  • salads

II. Cold appetizers:

  • the platters with the cuts of the roasted meat
  • eggs in a leek sauce or the dish of green pickles
  • tomatoes under the grated cheese, served with olives and bacon
  • salad made with smoked chicken and pineapple or gyros salad
  • smoked salmon with dill dressing or traditional herring (in oil served with onion)
  • bread

III. Hot dishes (two to choose from)

  • beetroot soup served with with croquette
  • mexican soup
  • steaks in hunter sauce
  • kebabs (poultry)
  • chicken thigh served with stuffed mushrooms

IV. Beverages:

  • coffee, tea, water, fruit juice – no restrictions
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